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Tribal Warbands

The Black Moon Tribe, in an effort to bring back world PvP in World of Warcraft, have taken arms and set to the wilderness in search of Alliance scum. Multiple "Warbands" events are scheduled every month. During these events members of the Black Moon Tribe split up into groups of five, forming their own war band to slaughter all who oppose them.

What makes Warbands different from normal raiding parties is that there is no zerg! The individual war bands avoid the Alliance towns at all costs, seeking less gaurded game. With a focus on small group tactics the Warbands are able to raid an entire zone instead of a single Alliance outpost. Throughout the event any member of Alliance, no matter how strong or how weak, is killed on-sight with little to no warning. This headhunting sport cuts out civilian dishonorable kills and promotes a roleplay friendly enviroment.
The dance
Creating a ruckus in the southern fields of Arathi Highlands
The dance
Any Horde players in the area are encouraged to participate and are sometimes even invited into one of the war bands themselves. A random zone is chosen each event so the Alliance is suprised and the events are only announced publicly when we expect an otherwise low turn out. All of our members are allowed to participate in the event, no matter the level or rank. The three Tribunal Members along with the Dark Elder and, of course, the Warmaster commander each group, with high ranking Berserkers taking lead of others if the need arises. The Warmaster will be in control of strategy and group layout.
Warbands through the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale

The Warbands will be announced on the site usually at least a week before the event. To see what Warbands are scheduled in the future you can always visit our Forum Calendar which will show all currenty scheduled events as well as the meeting place and time.


Black Moon Tribe
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