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Origin of the Tribe

Shortly after Kul Tiras' assault on the Echo Isles and the evacuation of the Troll inhabitants, injured refugees were still to be found. One of these casualties was a young Troll eager to learn the ways of shamanism, his name was Sahnja. The Alliance quickly changed his plans. Seeking justice for his home's destruction, Sahnja quickly gave in to dark desires of revenge. Taking his early shamanistic teachings and coupling it with a need for vengence, the Troll became a Priest who walks the line between good and evil in order to wage a war on the Alliance and all its races.

The Darkspear priest attempted to revive the practice of the Rite of the Black Moon, a Jungle Troll ritual dating back to the time of the Gurubashi Empire. The Rite was traditionally held during the new moon, marking the time when, according to Trollish religion, the protecting "eye" of the Loa is turned away from the world and mortals must rely on their own strength. In Sahnja's time, the Rite of the Black Moon was rarely observed, as it was considered overly primitive by Vol'jin and other Darkspear leaders. His efforts to renew its practice were therefore resisted by the Darkspears, so Sahnja took practices and slowly developed his own sect and proclaimed the beginning of the Black Moon Tribe, taking the name Sahn'jin and assuming the title of Dark Elder.

Sahn'jin's renewal of the Rite of the Black Moon continues to attract Trolls from all walks of life, and even some Orcs and Tauren. He welcomes all of these into the fledgling Tribe, so long as they are dedicated and able to serve, but has always rejected admission of the Forsaken and Blood Elves, even after they allied themselves with the Horde. The Tribe's operations are overseen by a Tribunal of the most powerful Tribesmen; ultimate authority, however, rests permanently with the Dark Elder.

Currently the Black Moon Tribe is among the strongest groups of Horde fighters in the world; Victory over the Horde's enemies both in Azeroth and beyond is the Tribe's declared goal. Sahn'jin will do what it takes to quench his evil thirsts...perhaps the answer lies in Stranglethorn Vale, where his ancestors originated.

Black Moon Tribe's Mission

Dedicated to reclaiming the Jungle Trolls' ancestral lands of Stranglethorn Vale, the Black Moon Tribe has started accepting help from other races - the Orcs, who weren't fully trusted at first but have proven themselves great allies, and the Tauren, whose size alone makes the hated races of Azeroth quiver.

About the Guild

The Black Moon Tribe was originally created before the release of World of Warcraft as a group of role-players seeking other people who had similar goals for when the game would be released. The guild was officially created during the beta phase of the game and was a part of the World of Warcraft Role-Playing Association (WoWRA) whose website is located at When the game was released the tribe, along with the other guilds interested in PvP at WoWRA, joined the Bleeding Hollow PvP server which, for a while, became the unofficial roleplay-PvP server. The tribe grew slowly but grew none-the-less, the guild hosted multiple Roleplaying events ranging from fishing contests to Troll raves to IC city raids. After almost an entire year Blizzard decided to finally release RP-PvP servers and the Black Moon Tribe, with heavy hearts, left the Bleeding Hollow server (along with all their level 60 characters) and moved to their new home on the Emerald Dream RP-PvP server where we now reside. Much of WoWRA was split in the decision and we created our own forums here in September 2005. Today we are growing again on Emerald Dream with more active members than ever and more planned events popping up every few weeks.

This tribe was created and still is a Role-Playing (RP) guild at heart but other aspects of the game are also very important to us as evidence by both are constant PvP events and PvE Progression. That being said the guild is friendly towards even the most casual RPer and guild/party/raid chat are never forced to be IC (in-character), however, the Say and Yell channels are strongly encouraged to only be IC while the BMT channel is IC only. So while you aren't ever forced to roleplay you are fully expected to respect it.

As many may have realized by evident of our website, PvE raiding was a relativley large part of the Tribe. In early February 2006 The Black Moon Tribe entered a new alliance on Emerald Dream, the tribe joined forces with the guilds Darktalon Brood and The Oathsworn to begin raiding Zul'Gurub. As the alliance became more and more succesful Darktalon and Oathsworn eventually merged into the guild Shattered Oath (the Black Moon Tribe, in order to keep our own guild identity, stayed out of the merger). Shattered Oath and Black Moon Tribe still raid together in an alliance titled, Shattered Moon. To this day the Shattered Moon alliance is the farthest progressed Horde on Emerald Dream, with experience in every raid dungeon pre Burning Crusade and progressing farther and farther along into Outland instances every day the guild and the alliance have had astounding success over the past few years. A listing of our progression can be seen here along with a gallery of significant boss screenshots here.

As of late a small group of Blackmoon members have branched out into a second raiding force, seperate of the Shattered Moon alliance. Lead by Sokrim the Blackmoon Tribe hopes to pave a second path into the dungeons of Outland while still maintaining a relationship with Shattered Oath.

If you are interested in joining please scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out the requirements and how to go about filling out your application. Tas'dingo!

The guild is labeled "Blackmoon Tribe" in-game due to a new rule set forth after release about using the word "black" in a guild name


Leaders of the Black Moon Tribe

The Tribal Council

The leadership of this jungle tribe of trolls is held in the hands of three tribunal members who make up the Tribal Council along with Sahn'Jin, the Dark Elder and Juuka, the preceding Jin. This council is the governing body of the tribe and the life force behind its success as a guild.

Dark Elder
The Dark Elder is the leader of the Tribe, everything must go through him to be official. Sahn'jin is the only Dark Elder, and no other members will be eligible for his rank. That being said the Tribal Council, as a whole, works together with the Dark Elder to run the guild.

In the absence of the Dark Elder only one troll is worthy of keeping the Blackmoon afloat. Juuka is that troll, his ruling is that of absolute power only overvoiced by Sahn'jin, the Dark Elder himself

Tribunal Members
Three Tribunal Members are what make up the Tribal Council. Tribunal members have ultimate power in planning events and coordinating large scale efforts with the running of the tribe, only triumphed by the Dark Elder himself. They also hold the power to promote and demote members of the tribe and deal out the trials for reaching the Berserker rank.

To be eligible for the Tribal Council you must be a Berserker - NO Whelps or Tribesman will be admitted into the council.


Tribal Warmaster
The Tribal Warmaster is the muster of all the Tribe's strength, with great physical or magical prowess the Warmaster is able to overtake any foe that may cross his path. The Warmaster is ushered into this position based on his/her performance in a Black Moon battle held every month in the Gurubashi Arena during the Rite of the Black Moon ceremonies. The Tribal Warmaster is responsible for the planning and, more importantly, execution of the tribe's PvP events, including the Warbands.

To be eligible for the Tribal Warmaster position you must be at least a Tribesman or Berserker - NO Whelps will be allowed to participate in the monthly battle.


Workings of the Leadership

Elected Tribunal Members maintain their position for three months, the elections are staggered so only one Tribunal Member is voted on per month. Tribunal Members could choose to bow out and attempt for the Warmaster position. They must quit their current position in the Tribal Council, however, before becoming eligible for the Warmaster rank.

The Warmaster position has the same general responsibilities as the Tribunal this sense they are equals. However, this position last for only one month, and may change hands each month at our Rite of the Black Moon. The battle for the Warmaster rank will be a FFA (Free-For-All) between all competing members in Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale. Last man standing wins.

The Warmaster has the duty of leading our members into battle...such as Battlegrounds and Warbands. He would create the raid and determine the groups and strategies. This is the one duty the Warmaster has that the others do not.

The elected Tribunal Members also have responsibilities the Warmaster does not. They are responsible for determining who gets a chance to be promoted past Tribesman. Even though the three Tribunal Members choose the candidates, all four officers will be invovled in the final decision.


Tribal Ranks

The Black Moon Tribe currently has three active ranks within the tribe. All ranks are lower than the Tribal Council and Warmaster positions but each succesive one has more standing in the Tribe as a whole. The following ranks are ordered from least to greatest.


Newcomers to the Tribe are given the title of Whelp. The Whelp has little power in the governing state of the guild but their voices are heard none-the-less. A Whelp is not eligible for any leadership position. Whelps will be removed from the guild if found to be missing for more than 15 days without any notice or heads up what-so-ever.

Requirements for this rank:
- In the tribe for less than one month
- Under level 20

Tribesman are full fledged members of the guild. To get promoted from the Whelp position all four officers (three Tribunal Members and the Warmaster) must vote on the Whelps progress in the guild. A vote of only half will result in the Whelp having a two week extension. After that point, having half or less of the officer's votes will result in being removed from the tribe. All that said, any majority vote from the officers will have the Whelp promoted. Tribesman are eligible for the Warmaster position but not for a spot on the Tribal Council. Tribesmen are removed after 1 month if there is no contact.

Requirements for this rank:
- In the tribe for at least a month
- Majority vote from the Tribal Council and Warmaster officers
- Level 20 or higher


Continually shows dedication to the tribe by helping members with leveling, questing, and roleplaying activities. Active forum participant and gives constructive criticism to the tribe's ideals and future event coordination.

Gaining the Berserker rank requires the completion of an officer trial. To be eligible a Tribunal Member must notice your dedication. The Council will then vote on whether they see fit to give the Tribesman "the trial". With a majority vote the Tribesman is given a trial decided on by the officer who suggested him. This task must be approved by the Dark Elder and must be soloed, and must have witnesses, a minimum of two other tribal members. Once completed, the new Berserker will have a ceremony and his new title bestowed on him. The Berserker is eligible for both the Warmaster position as well as a spot on the Tribal Council if he chooses to run. Berserkers are removed from the guild after 1 month of inactivity with no contact.

Requirements for this rank:
- Level 40 or higher
- Must have a Mount and Mount training
(normal ground mounts are fine)
- Very dedicated participant in guild related activities
- Must be voted on by the officers and must be able to pass the trial handed to him/her by one of the Tribunal Members


Lower Ranks

The kin to our ranking members who seek membership in the tribe are given the rank of Kindred. The Kindred have absolutley no power in the governing state of the guild and will never have the opportunity to gain standing among us. A Kindred is not eligible for any leadership position and, unless specifically addressed, may not join any guild roleplaying events including the Rite of the Blackmoon. Kindreds are the alt rank in Blackmoon Tribe

Requirements for this rank:
- Must have a main in the guild with rank Tribeman or higher

Outcast are the bane of the guild. Members who are outcast are silenced, their words no longer of any meaning to the tribe. Outcast, in its best form, is a temporary rank used to punish those constantly disobeying or disrepecting the Dark Elder and, in it's worst, a warning of expulsion from the tribe. Members who are removed from the guild under the rank of Outcast become enemies of the Blackmoon Tribe.

Requirements for this rank:
- Constant disrespect of the Dark Elder, Juuka'jin or fellow tribe mates
- Persistant disobedience to the Dark Elder, Juuka'jin or Tribunal officers


Alliances of the Black Moon Tribe

As a tribe dedicated to reclaiming the Trolls' ancient homelands, help is always appreciated from other Horde members. Those worthy enough of being listed here shall be treated as our own tribe members.

  Shattered Moon Tribal Alliance
Shattered Oath - The Oathsworn and Darktalon Brood, once two great houses divided have formed into one. With their combined power the Shattered Oath will once again reclaim the world of Azeroth for the Horde.

Enemies of the Black Moon Tribe

All Alliance scum are considered enemies of the Black Moon Tribe. With their past actions Humans now rank our number one hated foe. Below you will find the few sects that we feel most deserve our wraith.

*The Black Moon Tribe has, as of yet, not made any enemies with any of the Alliance guilds on Emerald Dream


Those interested in joining should READ THE RULES POSTED BELOW then make a post in the Altar of Sacrifice board on our forums. After posting your application feel free to join the BMT channel in-game and following up with us by talking with some of our members, be advised, the BMT channel is in character. Serious inquiries only.

We are located on the Emerald Dream RP-PvP Server


Member Requirements/Rules:

  • No Undead permitted - Grouping with the Undead is permissible however
  • Must be willing to Roleplay in all local forms of chat (/s and /y) especially during Guild Events
  • Only the Dark Elder may have "jin" at the end of his name, as it means "leader"
  • Any members from any guild listed on the Enemies list can be attacked at all times
  • Any members from any guild listed on the Allies list must be treated as a fellow Tribe member (Roleplaying distrust and/or hate is permitted, especially against Undead but don't let it effect in-game relationships especially OOC)
  • The tribe's population will at least have 50% Trolls
  • You must be able to speak English
  • The character you join the tribe as must be your main character and the character you dedicate the most time to
  • Members ranked Tribesman or higher may have one alt in the guild, this alt will maintain a static rank (Kindred) and standing
  • Your loyalty shall be to this guild and this guild alone.


Black Moon Tribe
Emerald Dream - Horde