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The many lands of Azeroth and Outlands provide all of us the distinct opportunity to be immersed in a world even more varied and amazing than our own. Check out some of the screen shots taken by our members during their adventures.

Boss Trophy Gallery
Gallery of boss kill screenshots, find the most significant boss victories here. Both before and after the expansion.

Pre-Burning Crusade

Members Gallery
Here you will find images of our members in action or just doing nothing
Roleplaying Gallery
In-character screenshots spanning numerous moments from our many varied events
Dungeons Gallery
A collection of screenshots taken during some of our biggest dungeon romps and even some of our non-dungeon adventures
Raids and Warbands Gallery
Player vs. Player has never been done with so much style. Come view some of our best in action

Note: The screenshot galleries contains some images from the Bleeding Hollow server and were taken prior to our move to Emerald Dream. Possibly in the future the Bleeding Hollow images will be relocated but, as of now, will remain That being said, however, almost all of the dugeon screenshots are from Emerald Dream.


Black Moon Tribe
Emerald Dream - Horde