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The Rite of the Black Moon

The Rite of the Black Moon ceremony is the Tribe's pride and joy. The Rite gives the tribe a chance to meet and discuss current issues, pray to the Loas, and compete in the battle to become the tribe's Warmaster. With the Rite of the Black Moon Tribesman and Berserkers of the tribe are given a chance to gain a spot in the Tribal Council. Current members who are in good standing also can be promoted to a brand new rank.

The Rite of the Black Moon is always held in a Troll city. Ranging from small outposts like Senjin village or Malaka'jin to larger tribal settlements like Shadowprey or Revantusk Village. Inside the protection of these Troll homes the Black Moon Tribe can worship and discuss matters in peace. When the time comes for the Tribal Council to select a new member or for the Warmaster's battle to take place the Tribe will step out of the village and the real ceremonies will begin.
The dance
The Tribe enters into a ceremonial dance around the Elder
During the battle for the Warmaster's position all members will move to Stranglethorn Vale where they meet in the Gurubashi Arena. There, the eligible members have a chance to enter into the pit and battle for the right to become the Tribal Warmaster. In the arena there are no restrictions, all items ranging from potions and bandages to engineering tricks are allowed. All eligible members seeking the position are allowed into the arena pit but only one will walk out with the title.
The Dark Elder praises the Loa at the tribal gathering

To participate in the battle aspect of the Rite you must be past the rank of Whelp. When a member is promoted to the Warmaster position at the Rite they have a single month of immunity until the next Rite is held. Tribunal Members elected into the council will be safe in the Tribal Council for three months so they can have a chance to be useful in their new position.


Black Moon Tribe
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