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Black Moon Tribe Raiding

The Black Moon Tribe is and always will be a Roleplaying Guild at heart. This is not the only aspect of the game that we focus on in however. By evidence of our Warbands, as well as our PvE Raiding Progression anyone can see that the Tribe a truly a multi-faceted guild. Taking part in both our own seperate raid endeavors along with an extremley long standing working in the Shattered Moon tribal alliance BMT has been able to work through multiple end-game dungeons.

The Shattered Moon Alliance

The Shattered Moon is an in-game alliance between two guilds, Blackmoon Tribe and Shattered Oath. Originally created in early February 2006 the two guilds have worked together to conquer the end-game dungeons without having to bolster their guild roster to a huge amount. The Blackmoon Tribe and Shattered Oath share an in-game channel to coordinate events as well as using Shattered Oath's forums, located here, to plan our raid progress.

Raiding Schedule

The current raiding schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: Magtheridon's Lair, Gruul's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye
Friday and Sunday: BMT Karazhan run

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday the Shattered Moon alliance runs through all dungeons save for Karazhan and on Friday and Sunday Blackmoon Tribe (without Shattered Oath) run through Karazhan.

Being Invited to a Raid

If you'd like to participate in any of the Shattered Moon raids there are a few points you should follow

  • Be on at 6:30 PM Server time or 7:30 for Karazhan - The raids fill up quickly and being late will usually get you placed on the waiting list.
  • Be willing to stay until the end (11:00 or 12:00), if you can not stay until the end it is important that you tell an officer before the raid begins.
  • Bring more than enough of your own consumables and, especially, your own reagents.
  • Be Prepared - If you haven't participated in a certain encounter before learn up on it before the raid begins. While the raid leader will most likely explain completley new bosses it is much more helpful if you read one of the various guides on the internet first.
  • Know your ROLE - The raid is like a machine, each member of the team needs to work like it's supposed to for the raid as a whole to be succesful. Understand your talent spec and don't expect to be a tank if you're a druid spec'd resto or a healer if you're a priest spec'd shadow (not to say you won't have to cover spots occasionally)

Invites are pretty much given out on a first come-first serve basis. If over 25 people (or 10 for ten mans) are present for invites priority will be given based off the following criteria: Role Balance, Experience, and Gear in that order, usually the line never falls below Role Balance or Experience however. If you are late you will be put on a waiting list and may or may not be invited if someone drops out early - again, if multiple people are in the waiting list priority are given to people who would bring the most class/role balance or experience to the raid.

If you can not make it to Friday or Sundays Karazhan raid post in this thread on the BMT raid forums. Otherwise it is important that you post in the sign-up thread for the respective weeks raid, one will most likely be posted each week.

For any raid taking place with the Shattered Moon alliance, if you plan to be absent, whether you are a regular raider or not, it is imperative that you post in this topic on the SO forums (make sure you are logged in so we can tell who you are) and give everyone a heads up that you will not make it or will be late. An explanation for the reason why is also very appreciated.

Alt Raiding

Unlike in the past, where alts were invited to Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, we currently are not at the point where alts will be invited over your mains. However, if you do have a level 70 alt who is relativley well geared, there is a possibility you will be asked to bring that alt instead of your main if the raid is lacking in a certain class/role.

Raiding Requirements/Reccomendations

Both the CT_RaidAssist mod or equivalent (oRA for example) and Ventrilo are absolutley required if you wish to participate in any raids. While it is not absolutley required you have a microphone to speak on Ventrilo it is very important that you are able to listen to the orders given. Without these two requirements, unless the raid is absolutley desperate, you will not be given an invite.

Another HIGHLY reccomended addon is Deadly Boss Mods which is an extremley well done companion for any boss encounter we will run into.


Currently the only players who need resist gear are the three tanks for the Hydross: The Unstable encounter in Serpentshrine Cavern. One tank wears very heavy Frost Resist, another tank wears very heavy Nature Resist, and the other tank wears a mix of Nature and Frost Resist (to tank the adds). No other players are required or even encouraged to wear resistance gear at this point.

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