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Zul'Gurub Rite of the Black Moon- December 30, 2005

The Rite of the Black Moon tonight will be held in Zul'Gurub inside the unofficially labeled Black Moon Tribe village. Attending officers will protect their current state from members seeking their position of power. Please be online before 7PM server time to find out how to get there if you don't already know.
Posted by Darakai

Holiday Lull- December 17, 2005

If you all haven't noticed tribal events and gatherings have been nearly non-existant the past week or two and will continue to be for a couple of more weeks. The holiday season is a time when many members are on vacation and busy with Christmas shopping or other holiday events. The Rite of the Black Moon wasn't held this weekend for that reason as we planned to have it on the 30th to, hopefully, fit the bulk of the Tribe's real life plans. At the end of the season events and meetings will be scheduled again like normal.

During this time the Tribe is still active as many of our members that haven't already are reaching level 60 or getting very close. Dungeon runs are still scheduled and taking place and experience and items are still flowing in for the members. Just recently another epic world drop, Hurricane, was found by one of our tribesman.
Posted by Darakai

Week in Review- December 7, 2005

The last week hasn't been filled with any headline worthy events but the Tribe hasn't been lying down doing nothing. Screenshots are rushing in and small sections have been added for Uldaman, Zul'Farrak, and Maraudon in the Dungeons and Battles section. A group of members also attended a storytelling event in Thunderbluff held by the guild known as the Sacred Hunt, screenshots were posted in our forum here

The guild has also been having a streak of luck with multiple members running across Epic quality items recently, ranging from the Robes of Insight to the Blackskull Shield.

Posted by Darakai

Last Night's Warband Event - November 30, 2005

Screenshots from the last night's Warband event have been posted here on our forums, as soon as I get some from some other members I will stick them in the Raids and Warbands screenshots section. What was originally suppose to be a STV run around turned into a Duskwood massacre. Some fantastic showing of Alliance kept us busy for hours. We were severly out numbered and combined the individual Warbands into a War Party and held our own out in the fields around Darkshire and in the barns and stables along the roads.

Posted by Darakai

Raids and Warbands / Dungeons and Battles - November 27, 2005

Screenshots from the Warbands will now be located in the Raids and Warbands screenshots section, previously just the "Raids" section. The Dungeons sections has also been retitled the Dungeons and Battles section and will now include screenshots from BMT vs NPC battles outside of instances as well as inside of them.
Posted by Darakai

Rite of the Black Screenshots - November 23, 2005

For those interested screenshots from the last Rite of the Black Moon have been posted on the forums in this thread. Also, on an unrelated note, ranks in the Members section now have a very complex graphical representation for those who choose not to study up on said ranks .

       = Whelp
   = Tribesman
= Berserker

Posted by Darakai

Rite of the Black Moon Complete - November 19, 2005

This month's Rite of the Black Moon ceremonies have once again changed the hands of one of our officers, the Prime Fury. Souljah has replaced me, Darakai, as the Prime Fury of the Black Moon Tribe. The Feral Mystic and Blood Sage were able to defend their positions and hold thier titles. Also, in an gesture of gratitude from the Dark Elder, Azenwrath has been promoted to the rank of Berserker, a rank only a few hold today.
Posted by Darakai

RPG Outfitters - November 16, 2005

To better keep track of the Black Moon Tribe, members are highly encouraged to download the very simple mod, RPGO Character Profiler.
This mod simply updates the our online roster at RPG Outfitter. I use this to update the member roster on our website, by copying the information from there, including your ranks, professions, etc...

Download the mod and extract it to the correct folder in your Addons directory. While playing the game simply click the new SAVE button on your character sheet and when you exit the game go the the RPG Outfitter site, make an account, and click UPLOAD and browse to the CharacterProfiler.lua in your Saved Variables folder in your WoW directory and upload that. In the future you no longer have to click the SAVE button in-game (as it will save automatically) but only upload your CharacterProfiler.lua every so often to keep the roster up to date. In the case that the mod stops working simply uncheck it in your ADDONS button on the character select screen until the newer version is released. If you need help members are encouraged to post in the sticky thread in our private forums.
Posted by Darakai

Small Members Roster Update - November 16, 2005

The members roster on the website has undergone a slight change, all members are now listed alphabetically to make it easier to find a particular member, this is in a in lieu of a proper search function.

Posted by Darakai

Next Rite of the Black Moon Scheduled - November 13, 2005

The next Rite of the Black Moon and tribal meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 19th. The rituals will take place right outside Senjin village in Durotar at 4PM Server time (CST) or at 5PM EST. Check the calendar entry for official event announcement.
Posted by Darakai

Members Section Finally Updated - November 12, 2005

For all our new members I have finally updated the members section to include you guys (and girls). With the departure of Talzuun the Prime Fury position was passed back to Darakai, me, being the last active Prime Fury. However, I do no hold the months immunity unless officially sworn in at the Rite of the Black Moon which is currently scheduled for some time next week, so challenge me if you dare

Posted by Darakai

Screenshot Gallery Update- October 28, 2005

The Dungeon screenshot section has been slightly changed in its organization. The screenshots are now seperated by the dungeons, while our members have been to pretty much every instance in the game, screenshots are not usually submitted so the current list contains only a small bit of our current and past activity. In the furture we hope to have most if not every single dungeon listed with screenshots taken by us.
Posted by Darakai

Hurricane Wilma - October 28, 2005

Updates have been sparse over the past week because, unfortunatley, I live in South Florida and was slammed pretty hard by Hurricane Wilma (which is why the MotD was out of date for a while). Without water and, more importantly, power or phones, it can be hard to update. Anyways, I never usually post non BMT related news but felt compelled to mention my reasons.

The Warband that was scheduled for Wednesday was a success I heard but had its share of problems. The system may under go some revisions and a list of rules and more defined guidlines will be created. As of now the next event is schedules for Thursday, November 3rd.
Posted by Darakai

Tribal Warbands - October 21, 2005

The Black Moon Tribe has recently began the process of developing Tribal Warbands. The warbands are essentially an expansion of small group PvP, where select tribesman are placed in groups of 5-10 members and let loose in locations ranging from the jungles of Stranglethorn to the mountains of Arathi
Highlands. With emphasis placed on these small group tactics the Black Moon Tribe members will further hone their headhunting skills and be less reliant on the common, and flawed, Horde and Alliance zerg strategies.

Warband raids will be scheduled for multiple times during the coming weeks. Members are not required to participate in these mini zone raids but they are strongly encouraged to participate whenever possible. Check the forum's Calendar for dates and times.
Posted by Darakai

Website Update - October 17, 2005

The website has undergone a slight update in its organization. As you may of noticed the Links section was removed in favor of a dedicated Members section. The member roster was moved there from the Tribe section, where it was previously, and in its place a section dedicated to explaining the Leadership positions as well as the different ranks in the Tribe was added.

Because of this change old archived news in the News section
may contain a couple of broken links, more recent news headlines have been updated however.
Posted by Darakai

Rite of the Black Moon: New Leaders Emerge- October 16, 2005

The first Rite of the Black Moon (the tribal meeting and duels for leadership) on Emerald Dream was a rousing success. New officers were named for the Tribe and there was a good showing of support. A new whelp even joined our ranks in the process. To see who was elected the new leaders visit the Leaders area in the Tribe section of the website. A full run down of the event will be posted shortly.
Posted by Darakai

Next Rite of the Black Moon - October 05, 2005

After about a month on the new server The Black Moon Tribe will be hosting our next guild meeting which, among other things, will encompass the Rite of the Black Moon challenges for the leadership positions in the tribe. The tribal gathering is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 16th.
Posted by Darakai

Guild Roster updated on website - September 27, 2005

The Tribe section has been updated with the latest guild roster from Emerald Dream server. All old members from Bleeding Hollow that did not transfer during the past week have been removed from the list, please contact Sahnjin if you would like to still come over and rejoin the Tribe.
Posted by Darakai

Troll Rave added to Event section- September 24, 2005

Our final roleplaying event on Bleeding Hollow was our very appropriate Stranglethorn Vale Troll rave. The event was finally added into our Event section. Take a gander and check out the Screenshots sections for more photos from the party.
Posted by Darakai

The Black Moon Tribe has changed servers - September 17, 2005

With heavy hearts the Black Moon Tribe has left the PvP server of Bleeding Hollow and has been relocated to the Emerald Dream RP-PvP server. The change was made because of the declining numbers of active members and the RP hating on Bleeding Hollow. As for the characters still located on Bleeding Hollow they are now guildless, if you are a member and missed the transfer please reroll on Emerald Dream and check our forums.

Also, unexpected to us, the guild naming policy no longer allows the use of the word "black" (some dumb reason having to do with racism) so the tribe is labeled "Blackmoon Tribe" in-game.
Posted by Darakai

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