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March - June 2007

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The Eye: Void Reaver killed, Horde Server First - June 20, 2007

Last night, the Shattered Moon alliance killed Void Reaver. Void Reaver is the first boss of the 25-man wing of Tempest Keep, The Eye. This was our very first night in the dungeon, not to mention our first time fighting this boss. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done.

Posted by Darakai

Doomwalker down, Horde Server First - June 14, 2007

Last night, while heading to Magtheridon's Lair the raid headed over toward Shadowmoon Valley to the Black Temple to kill the outdoor raid boss Doomwalker. Almost forty members strong the group took him down easily and the Shattered Moon alliance cemented yet another server first, first Horde guild to kill Doomwalker on Emerald Dream.

Congratulations to all who participated and congratulations to Sitara and Thurston on some fantastic loot!

Posted by Darakai

SSC: The Lurker Below downed, Another Server First - May 26, 2007

Tonight the Blackmoon Tribe along with Shattered Oath downed the second boss in Serpentshrine Cavern, The Lurker Below. This marks our second server first on Emerald Dream since the expansion and was not only done in one single night of attempts but with only twenty-four players.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the kill, tomorrow Karathress!

Posted by Darakai

Finding the Tribe's Champion RP-PvP event - May 30, 2007

This past weekend Ish wrapped up his nearly two week long roleplay tournament event between the tribe members. Over the course of the last couple of weeks members of the Blackmoon Tribe have been competing in 1v1 duels at their leisure, with witnesses to account for the outcome. After many many fights the winner of the battles and the "Tribe's Champion", who also happens to be a multitime Warmaster, was Drandar

The closing ceremonies where held near the back of Yojamba island in Stranglethorn Vale, where the last couple of matches tool place. Drandar was addressed by Sahnjin after his victory and granted special honor amongst the tribe. Congratulations to Drandar and thanks to everyone who participated. More screenshots of the event can be found in the Events section of the site.

Posted by Darakai

Serpentshrine Cavern: Hydross the Unstable down, Server First - May 26, 2007

Tonight the Blackmoon Tribe along with Shattered Oath killed the first boss in Serpentshrine Cavern, Hydross the Unstable. Serpentshrine Cavern is the first large scale 25-man dungeon in Burning Crusade, Hydross is a large water elemental who must switch between corrupted and uncorrupted forms throughout the fight. Congratulations to everyone in both guilds for a Emerald Dream server first.

After killing Hydross the trash was cleared to Morogrim Tidewalker and a few shots where taken at him. While the positioning and pull were layed out and the mobs around him were learned.

Posted by Darakai

Magtheridon killed, Emerald Dream Horde First - May 5, 2007

Last night the Blackmoon Tribe along with Shattered Oath, as part of our Shattered Moon alliance killed the pitlord Magtheridon, the first and final boss in Magtheridon's Lair. This is after only three or so nights of attempts over the past week or so and after this past week's 3% wipe. Congratualtions to everyone for the first Horde Magtheridon kill on Emerald Dream.

Posted by Darakai

April's Rite and the Savage Parade- April 17, 2007

This past weekend, the Blackmoon Tribe gathered for the monthly Rite of the Black Moon where the normal ceremonies took place. Nang stepped down from the Tribunal in order to participate in the Warmaster tournament being held later in the day, in his place Darakai, myself, became the next member of the council. In the Warmaster tournament, Drandar walked away with a win in a very close battle between the fierce competitors, particularly Shadowscream who was literally one stab away from taking the title.

After the Rite and the Warmaster tournmanent a parade was held in the newely aquired Horde territory of Silvermoon City. The parade was a welcome to the Blood Elves of sort, but also a demonstration of our power. While Blood Elves are forbiddan from joining the ranks of the Black Moon, they are recognized as a member of the Horde... which we are all a part of.

Posted by Darakai

Serpentshrine Cavern Keys - April 10, 2007

Over the past couple of weeks Blackmoon Tribe and Shattered Oath have been working together through Karazhan in an attempt to have at least thirty people by the middle of the month keyed to enter Serpentshrine Cavern. Two raids have been running simultaneously this week and the last, both groups clearing the entire instance, with the ultimate goal to kill Nightbane for the second fragment needed to get attuned for the dungeon (the first part being off of Gruul who has been killed every Saturday since the 25th). So far over half the required members have been attuned, with another large amount getting attuned this week or the next. If you raid at all, and haven't already gotten keyed, it is very important you try and attend one of the Karazhan raids next week to finish your quest - especially if you've already collected your quest item from Gruul.

Posted by Darakai

Karazhan: Shattered Moon Alliance Joint Effort - April 9, 2007

The Blackmoon Tribe and Shattered Oath, as part of our very long standing Shattered Moon alliance (well over a year now), will now be running Karazhan as a joint effort. The instance is being cleared to at least Prince every week with Nightbane added in as an attempt to outfit everyone with their SSC keys.

Posted by Darakai

Karazhan: Maiden of Virtue eliminated (BMT only) - March 28, 2007

Tonight the Blackmoon Tribe had a succesful night in Karazhan. Attumen, Moroes, and the Opera event were all cleared and we decided to take our hand at Maiden for another shot at killing her (we had attempted her on last Friday's Karazhan raid). After only one quick and dirty early wipe Maiden was taken out, the kill executed almost perfectly. A few earlier wipes at Moroes left us out of time after the kill to try any other boss. However, this leaves us all night Friday to kill Curator and even possibly the chess event and more if we're lucky.

Congratulations to everyone on the kill, hopefully we'll have Curator and Chess event done by Friday. With Gruul out of way, and practically already on farm status, we only need one more pieces from Karazhan to get keyed for Serpentshrine Cavern which we'll hopefully start within the next month or so with Shattered Oath.

Posted by Darakai

Gruul the Dragonkiller is no more - March 25, 2007

Yesterday Blackmoon Tribe and Shattered Oath, as part of our Shattered Moon alliance killed the second and final boss of Gruul's Lair, the dragonkiller Gruul himself! The kill was an astounding victory, after only one buffed (with consumables) attempt and only three total, Gruul was killed with less than three players dead by the end of the fight. This kill marks a Horde server first. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Epic drops included
Collar of Cho'gall (Ayanne)
Leggings of the Fallen Champion (Hexoatl)
Aldori Legacy Defender (Darakai)  

Posted by Darakai

Karazhan Opera House Event: Wizard of Oz Completed- March 22, 2007

Last night the Blackmoon Tribe, on it's first night of Karazhan for the week was able to clear up to and through the Opera House event. On our fourth night in the dungeon since a couple of weeks ago we were able to easily one-shot Attunemen and quickly moved on to Moroes (whom we just took down a few days ago for the first time) and kill him with only two wipes. After clearing through the bulk of the ballroom the rest of the night was spent learning the Opera house trash and figuring out the strategy for the complicated, albeit relatively easy, Wizard of Oz event. Dorothy, her pals, the crone, and even her little dog Tito were killed after a few short attempts.

Epic drops included
Earthsoul Leggings (Mylkee)
Grasp of the Dead (DE'd)
Legacy (Agbara) Whirlwind Bracers (Murdok)
Spectral Band of Innervation (Sahnjin) Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings (Drandar)
Nethershard Girdle (Nang)  

Posted by Darakai

Moroes destroyed- March 17, 2007

Tonight the Blackmoon Tribe took out another boss in Karazhan, Moroes. This marks a very nice new achievement in raiding in the Burning Crusade expansion pack. Raiding Karazhan only two nights a week -for three nights total- we've been able to take out two of the large bosses in the dungeon as well as two of the rare animal bosses in the Servant Quarters (Shadikith the Glider was taken out Wendesday along with our kill of Rokad last time). This was also done without Paladins, with BMT's current no Blood Elf stance, which makes the kill a little more impressive than normal.

Epic drops included Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch which went to our current druid tank Drandar as well as a Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran which went to our mage, Keenoc. Afterwards the raid cleared to through the remainder of the first and second story ballroom.

Posted by Darakai

Warbands: Mission Overshire Sucess - March 11, 2007

Tonight the Blackmoon Tribe held its second official Warbands event since the Burning Crusade, this one lead by our current Warmaster, Zuldox. As explained last month the Warbands event for this month was quite a bit different from previous outings. Done completley in the old world of Azeroth the Blackmoon bands went from town to town taking out key figureheads, Each succesful assasination was followed by a flare and rocket shot into the air.

Our first target was "Lieutenant Doren" who holds camp in the rebel outpost in northern Stranglethorn, fairly ungaurded he was an easy kill. The second target was much farther north in the Alliance controlled territory of Elwynn Forest - here, our attack was to take out four targets in Goldshire, "Marshal Dughan", "Innkeeper Farley", "Assistant Innkeeper Isenstrider", and "Smith Augus"; this attack proved difficult for all involved, Goldshire recieved many reinforcemnets from the capital of Stormwind... many battles were held in the fields outside the small village. Afterwards the war parties moved back south into Duskwood where our targets included Flight master "Felicia Maline" , "Lord Ello Ebonlocke", "Innkeeper Trelayne", and Blacksmith "Clarise Gnarltree" .

Darkshire was the most guarded town of them all, a full alliance raid was camped in the town center, it was believed an attack on the great dragon Lethon was forming, From the cliffs over looking the village the warband teams snuck through the trees taunting the targets back into the woods with arrows only to jump them when they least expected. The final objective was relativley simple, head to small Alliance town of Lakeshire and take out their transportation and mayor and catch one large fish for our victory dinner. A scramble was held on the docks and under the lake as we tried to fish in peace.

Posted by Darakai

Karazhan: Attumen the Huntsman and Rokad the Ravager slain - March 3, 2007

Last night the Blackmoon Tribe set foot into Karazhan and laid to rest the evil Attumen, one of the first bosses in the dungeon after only a couple of attempts. The fight, while having relativley simple mechanics, is a early gear check for the instance and proves that we have what it takes to progress further into the dungeon.

After the kill the tribe cleared through the entire ballroom and took a few shots at Moroes. A steady strategy was laid down and the pull was executed beautifully. Some unlucky mana burns and DPS issues kept us from killing Moroe's entourage quickly enough however and we decided to take our hand at the Servant's Quarters. After a long night of raiding the Servant's Quarters was very quickly cleared and we had the fortune of fighting Rokad the Ravager whom also died at our hands. Being the literal first time any of us have entered Karazhan (none of us entered the dungeon in beta) the night was filled with impressive feats. Congratulations to everyone and here's to looking at Moroes next time.

Posted by Darakai

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