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July - August 2007

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Al'ar bites the dust - August 22, 2007

Tonight members of the Shattered Oath and Blackmoon Tribe downed Al'ar the second (well, technically first) boss of The Eye. With Void Reaver already on farm status this leaves just Solarian and Kael'thas. This kill was just after last nights one night complete SSC clear (after just killing Vashj for the first time Friday). Congratulations to everyone on yet another Horde server first.


To say the least loot was a huge let down, probably two of some of the worst epic trinkets in the game. Anyways, on Friday we'll probably begin practicing some Solarian so be ready!

Posted by Darakai

Lady Vashj defeated, Serpentshrine Cavern clear! - August 18, 2007

Last night members of Shattered Oath and Blackmoon Tribe killed the final boss of Serpentshrine Cavern, Lady Vasj. Serpentshrine Cavern is the first large scale 25-man dungeon, following the smaller 25-mans of Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Lair. This leaves The Eye as the second dungeon on the schedule after Vashj is killed again.


Congratulations to everyone on this huge accomplishment, the killing of Lady Vashj cements another Horde server first and finishes half of the attunement for entering Mount Hyjal.

Posted by Darakai

Leotheras The Blind defeated; next, Lady Vashj - August 8, 2007

Last night we kicked off this weeks raiding with a huge huge bang. We normally start raiding on Tuesday, progress through farm content on Wednesday and on Friday push the end of the night with progression (and for the last couple of weeks not progressing at all). This Tuesday, not only did we completeley clear all our normal farm content in Serpentshrine Cavern but we killed Leotheras for the first time... all on our first night of the week. This leaves only the final boss, Lady Vashj left alive in instance and two full days to kill her.


Congratulations to everyone on tonights kill. Tomorrow, Lady Vashj, and on Friday... the world!

Posted by Darakai

Month in Review: New Server Firsts and Rite of the Blackmoon - July 19, 2007

Over the past month, I've been lazy in updating the front page but the Tribe hasn't been asleep. On the raiding front both Morogrim Tidewalker and Karathress in SSC were killed (a couple of times now) as well as Doomlord Kazzak (no screenshot for him) for our world bosses, all Horde server firsts, this Friday attempts will be made on Leotherass the Blind. Congratulations to everyone who was part of these kills.


In other news, the Rite of the Blackmoon took place on Sunday, the 15th. I, Darakai, took my turn out of the Tribal Council and Kulah was elected in my place. Kregorn won the Warmaster arena battle and took seat with the rest of the officers. Ish is expected to host a Roleplaying even before the next rites and Kregorn a Warbands.

Posted by Darakai

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