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January - March 2006

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Three new MC bosses killed - March 25, 2006

Tonight three new bosses were taken out in MC - Geddon, Shazzra, and Golemagg were all reduced to dust in the wake of our powerful tactics. After TWO weeks of raiding MC the Broodsworn Tribal Alliance has downed 7 bosses. In wake of last night's Hakkar kill the raiding progress is absolutley soaring ahead.

Drops ranged from a pair of
Felheart Shoulder Pads to a Azuresong Mageblade. For a full list of loot check out the posting here.

Posted by Darakai

Zul'Gurub reclaimed, Hakkar down! - March 24, 2006

Zul'Gurub has been reclaimed, Hakkar was taken out of power tonight by members of Black Moon Tribe, Shattered Oath, and Keepers of the Path. With that every boss in ZG has been cleared save for Jin'do who will wait our wraith at a later date.

Hakkar was downed on the 3rd attempt with less than four people being killed. Along with Heart of Hakkar, Cloak of Consumption, and Touch of Chaos also dropped. Fantastic job for everyone that attended and for those that missed tonight I'm sure we will be killing Hakkar many more times in the future.

Posted by Darakai

Thekal and Garr Downed - March 19, 2006

This weekend members from the Broodsworn Tribal alliance downed two new bosses, Thekal from Zul'Gurub and Garr from Molten Core. Notable drops included a Seal of Jin from Thekal and a Helm of Might from Garr.

As always you can see the other drops from Molten Core here along with the DKP totals for all current raiding members.

Posted by Darakai

Gehennas Down and AQ20 started - March 15, 2006

Tonight Black Moon Tribe, Shattered Oath, and Keepers of the Path tore through Molten Core taking down Lucifron, Magmadar, and Gehennas with no more than one wipe per boss and, in Lucifron's case, not even one wipe. It was also a very nice night for epic BoE drops multiple Felheart Bracers, Giantstalker Bracers and an Earthfury Belt all dropped from the trash outside Lucifron.

This is of course not counting the drops from the actual bosses, if your interested to see what loot was distributed check it out here.

Earlier in the week Kurinnaxx, the first boss in the JUST recently opened Ruins of Ahn'Quiraj (AQ20). Was also killed by the same members that often attend the Zul'Gurub and Molten Core raids. Many great items including multiple
Vestments of the Shifting Sands have dropped since we started killing him.

Posted by Darakai

Magmadar Down - March 5, 2006

After the success of our Lucifron run last week BMT, along with our allies from the Shattered Oath have downed Magmadar in Molten Core. After taking Lucifron the very first shot this time Magmadar dropped after only two or three tries, Gehennas was even brought to an outstandingly low 3%!

Here is the forum topic showing the epics that dropped, two pieces of the Might set along with some caster specific epics and a Nightslayer Belt. Two of our own members recieved new gear last night, Patamon won Legplates of Might while Nyaka won Nightslayer Belt. Next week, Gehennas and beyond!

*For those interested in our Zul'Gurub progress at this point we have downed Jeklik, Marli, Venoxis, and Bloodlord (pre & post patch).*

Posted by Darakai

Desolace Warband Event - March 2, 2006

Last night the Black Moon Tribe hunted the barren wasteland of Desolace for all Alliance souls passing through. Many were left in pieces and many more were left to die at the hand of the Kolkar clans that inhabit the area.

More screenshots will be uploaded at a later time, check back for an update.

Posted by Darakai


Rite of the Black Moon - February 26, 2006

The Rite of the Black Moon tonight was a rousing success, over 22 members attended this meeting in Senjin village and fantastic duels were held for the current officer positions. Both Tarka and Nang were able to defend their current title of Prime Fury and Blood Sage (respectivley), the Feral Mystic position wasn't battled for in Loth's absense but Warg was able to quell all other competition for the title and will battle Loth upon his return.

Screenshots of tonights Rite can be found in our Roleplaying Screenshots gallery.

Posted by Darakai

Lucifron Down - February 26, 2006

During our second trip into MC with our, now well established, allies, Shattered Oath and Keepers of the Path, Black Moon Tribe dropped Lucifron last night. Our first attempt dropped him down to 16% then, after one or two wipes due to stupid mistakes (Imp adds, bad pulls), we dropped him. Considering the raid only consisted of approximatley 29 people and this being our first attempt it was a phenominal success.

Here is the forum topic showing the two epics that dropped, Flamewaker Legplates and Earthfury Boots. Felheart Belt also dropped off of a trash mob near Lucrifon before the fight.

Posted by Darakai

Tanaris Warband - February 19, 2006

The desert land of Tanaris was infested with BMT members last night as we participated in our continued hunting of Alliance. Multiple parties scavenged the sandy landscape and no Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, or Gnome was left standing.

The Warbands eventually migrated through Ungoro Crater into the Western desert of Silithus where the parties met up and celebrated their kills. Screenshots can be found in the Raids and Warbands gallery.

Posted by Darakai

Molten Core Trash Saturday - February 12, 2006

Last night members of BMT, Darktalon Brood, and Oathsworn entered Molten Core for the first time together. The run was meant to practice as a raid group through the groups of mobs outside Lucifron in MC. The night was very succesful, the raid group (of only 26 people) was able to clear all the Giants, Annihilaters, Surgers, Fire Lords, and Core Hounds easily through the first part of the instance.

The raid group only wiped one time during the first pass through, when a surger (knock back AoE mob) add was thrown at us during the last Core Hound (who does a huge four second AoE "fear" type move) which is a deadly combination. If we had had a Warlock, which we did not - and if Wineraven was level 60 instead of 59 - the night would of been wipe free.

Screenshots can be found in the Molten Core gallery within our Dungeons Screenshots section

Posted by Darakai

Zul'Gurub Night 2, Part Deux - February 4, 2006

After tonights Warband members who were participating in the second -unofficially titled- "Broodsworn Tribe" alliance (Darktalon Brood, Oathsworn, and Black Moon Tribe) Zul'Gurub raids were invited back to once again take on Arlokk, the panther priestess. Unfortunatley this try wasn't a success either but we managed to get her down to an amazing 4% before our wipe. Some glitches with the panther spawns caused a little bit of confusion but overall this night was exponentionally better than the first attempt.

The next raid is tentativley scheduled
for next Friday night where we plan to clear up to and through Arlokk the first night.

Screenshots from the dungeon can be found in our Dungeon Screenshots section under Zul'Gurub.

Posted by Darakai

Stranglethorn Vale Warbands - February 4, 2006

Tonights Warband event through Stranglethorn Vale was a success, though the lack of numbers on both our side and the Alliance made for some slow times. The two groups set up tonight were spit into one band of level 60s and one band with members in their low 50s.

Both groups met some resistance and, except for a couple of gaurd pulls at Booty Bay, the Black Moon Tribe was succesful in cleansing the land, at least for the time being.

Posted by Darakai

BMT mentioned in "The Escapist" - February 2, 2006

A relativley new magazine that was started in July, 2005 has recently published an article about Roleplaying in MMOs titled, The Contrarian: Masks in the Woods in thier January 31st issue. The article explores the difficulty of RPing in a video game world from a live action roleplayer's perspective. Most interesting in this article however is that the Black Moon Tribe has quite an extensive story written up about them, here is a short excerpt:

"A good example of a typical RP guild is the Black Moon Tribe , on World of Warcraft 's Emerald Dream RP-PvP server. The Tribe primarily consists of trolls organized in a sort of religious cult dedicated to kicking the Alliance out of Stranglethorn Vale, the ancestral troll homeland. Their most recent game event, the Rite of the Black Moon, saw the guild gather amid ancient troll ruins. There, members had the opportunity to advance in rank, celebrate, pray to the spirits and even duel the leaders to take control of the guild. Rite screenshots like this one are oddly moving, as the tribe kneels before its leader, who proclaims they have now returned to their ancestral home."

The article goes on interviewing Sahnjin, our Dark Elder and our tribal leader. The event he is referring to is of course our Rite of the Black Moon for December held in Zul'Gurub, screenshots of that event were posted on our forums here last month. Check out the article for more good reading.

Posted by Darakai


Rite of the Black Moon - January 30, 2006

Last nights Rite of the Black Moon event showed just how strong our tribe is, even with the absence of the current Prime Fury and some of our more active members we had an outstanding turnout. Battles were held for position and both Nang and Loth were able to hold on to theirs securly, with the coming back of the Prime Fury in the next week Darakai (me) will battle for his rightful position in the tribe.

Posted by Darakai

Zul'Gurub Night 2, Damn Arlokk - January 28, 2006

Unlike yesterday, today's raid was a disgrace... the Panther boss, Arlokk wiped the floor with all twenty of us. Even after adopting different strategies after each wipe we couldn't seem to drop her health fast enough, at least not before the early hours of the morning came knocking. We boiled it down to the fact that we did not have enough DPS, when she would vanish for the 2nd or 3rd time we could barely knock her HPs down below 65%

Screenshots from the two nights can be found in our Dungeon Screenshots section under Zul'Gurub.

Posted by Darakai

Invited to Zul'Gurub, killed Bloodlord - January 26, 2006

Last week members of the guild, Darktalon Brood, invited any interested BMT members to join in on a raid into Zul'Gurub. Along with Oathsworn, Black Moon Tribe joined Darktalon Brood in a loose Alliance. Tonight was the first raid of many scheduled in the coming weeks. We cleared up to Bloodlord in hopes of finishing the instance tommorow night.

If this all goes well, as it did tonight, The Black Moon Tribe could be finding a hearty Alliance to get it's feet wet in the end-game instances. Invitation forum topic can be found in our forums here. More screenshots to come tommorow night hopefully.

Posted by Darakai

Wetlands Warband Event - January 17, 2006

The Wetlands Warband held tonight ended soundly in our defeat. The Alliance raiders outnumbered our parties 4-1 on a good day, That being said, we had the honor of fighting along some very honorable fighters from the Brimstone clan of Horde.

You can read the Emerald Dream thread here as long as it is up on the forums or view more screenshots in our Raids and Warbands screenshot section.

Posted by Darakai

Arathi Highlands Warband Event - January 7, 2006

Tonight's Warband event was a success, the Alliance showed in spades with a huge force for us to dip our toes into. From north of Refuge point to East of the Circle of Inner Bindings we had patrol parties scouting for potential victims, after about 45 minutes the Alliance finally gathered and attacked. Some battles resulted in our victory, some in theirs but in the end I would have to say it was fun for all.

You can read the Emerald Dream thread here as long as it is up on the forums or view more screenshots in our Raids and Warbands screenshot section. (Alliance side screenshots provided by Minnow the Gnome)

Posted by Darakai

The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj - January 4, 2006

Yesterday the 1.9 content patch introduced a brand new series of the quests for both Alliance and Horde to initiate the world event required the open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj in Southern Silithus. Two brand new raid dungeons are located behind the wall (one 20 man and one 40 man) as well as more quests having to do with the Silithid. Right now there is a thread here on the Emerald Dream forums that 'Toppers', the thread starter, will apparently try and update every night at midnight to keep us all up to date on the progress being made by both sides.

Posted by Darakai

Zul'Gurub Rite Screenshots- January 1, 2006

Screenshots from the Rite of the Black Moon held in Zul'Gurub last night can be found here as well as in the few links located in the events section of the website.

Posted by Darakai

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