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The Blackmoon Tribe hosts an array of many events, listed here are our largest ones to date listed newest first. Click on Additional Images to expand each event and view screenshots.

Finding the Tribe's Champion - May 28th, 2007

During the gathering of Zandalar the Elder of each sect of trolls must attend with a champion of their tribe. Now is the time for the Blackmoon Tribe to find their champion amongst its ranks, one who is worthy enough to stand in front of King Rastakhan and defend his honor.

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The Calling of the Honored Spirits - February 7th, 2007

With the reopening of the Dark Portal, the barrier between the living world and the spirit world has become thin. Heroes from the past, thought to be long gone, have come back to join us in our fight. Some of the honored spirits have lost their way and need us to show them the path.

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Vermillion Dawn - January 21st, 2007

The fire of the Black Moon burned with all of Nang's hate, as the demons once again invaded our world. Just outside the Dark Portal the tribe showed all it's fury lighting up the night.

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Rite of Thanks - November 20, 2006

On this night the Black Moon Tribe held a ritualistic ceremony in the depths of Orgrimmar to celebrate and thank the great leaders of the Horde and the Darkspear Trolls - Thrall, Vol'Jin, and Sen'Jin.

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Chillwind Point Campout - October 10, 2006

Tonight the Black Moon Tribe rested in the small Troll controlled river bank north of Hillsbrad Foothills, the night was rich and the ale flowed like the water in the nearby stream.

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Festival of the Growing Sun- June 22, 2006

The annual Summer Solstice brought about the tribal Festival of the Growing Sun in Senjin Village.

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Zul'Gurub Rite - December 30, 2005

The last Rite of the Black Moon of the year was held in the reclaimed jungles of the Zul'Gurrub Troll compound.

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Troll Rave - September 9, 2005

Raving in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale with nothing but cheap beer and crazy dancing!

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Lakeshire Raid - June 4, 2005

Our second raid on the humans offered many of our new whelps a taste of their first blood. With the demise of the human defenses, the city was controlled mercilessly by our ranks.

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Ixar's Memorial Service - April 17, 2005

The great Ix'ar has finally fallen, with heavy hearts the tribe holds a ceremony in his honor at the Shrine of Fallen Heroes.


Fishing Tournament - April 17, 2005

The first annual Troll fishing tourney was held at the Ratchet docks, prizes were rewarded and fun was had.


Darkshire Raid - February 2, 2005

The attack against the human city of Darkshire was a rousing success, the blood of many were spilled!


Astranaar Raid - January 8, 2005

The first official military attack of the Black Moon Tribe was against one of our closest enemies, the Night Elves

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Theramore Raid - February 11, 2005

A one time alliance with the filthy undead scum on an attempt to rid Dustwallow Marsh of all human presence. The water of the surrounding ocean turned green with hatred.
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